Who do not love to travel?

So Many Reasons To Travel

My husband Evan is as much an adventurer as I am, when it comes to travel. We have been to China, South Asia, Europe, and Canada besides the United States. We hope to explore South America and Africa in the near future.


Travel is the best to discover how the rest of the word lives their daily life and how culture, history and geography have shaped their ideology and social interactions.

Anna mingling with Miao ethnic group in Southern China
Miao Ethnic Group


For people who crave new experiences and challenges, travel is a great place for getting outside their comfort zone. I did not realize how resourceful I am until I place myself in a new city where I don't speak the language or know how to order a meal!  

Sleeping Giant Village in Belize

Expanding Perspectives

Seeing how others live their lives reinforced the idea there is no one way to live. It can be drastically different from the way we live our lives here in the United States. The different settings help me discover fresh ideas that I hadn't thought of before. Every time I came back from a trip, I seemed to be full of ideas and notions.

Yangze River Tow Men
Exit Glacier in Anchorage, Alaska
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Other Interests

They are great companions!
Furry Friends
In the state of 10,000 lakes!
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The way you drink matters!
Wine Tasting