Wine Tasting

The way you drink matters!

The Way You Drink Matters

After living in the Finger Lakes region for five years, I have become a wine enthusiast. In 2008, I took a selective class "Introduction to Wines" while studying at Cornell University, which covers major wine-producing regions of the world, identifying labels and aromas, food and wine pairing, and wine tasting etiquette.

After taking the class, I might have escalated myself to be a wine snob! Seriously, I appreciate all wine varieties and the cultures influenced by the wine-producing regions.

Food and Wines

Some argue that there are "rules" to food and wine pairing like Pinot Noir great with pizza and earthy-flavored dishes, chardonnay with fish and seafood, Riesling with spicy Asian dishes. It's really a personal choice.

Evan and Anna at Tenuta Torciano winery in Tuscany Region, Italy
Henri Willig Cheese Farm in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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